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Wednesday, September 7


Komposer : Zailan Razak
Lirik : Zailan Razak

Seems like dreams do come true
Wishing for miracle out of the blue
Lessons in life we've gone through
Hope that we hear our crying hearts

The first time I looked in your eyes
It feels like shivers down my spine
Thinking of you make me smile
Feeling the love like I've never had before


My heart is is filled with love for you forever
Sweet love I give , for you my only love
Will be forever

Thinking of you night and day
Feeling inside I can't explain
Making me smile all the way
Feeling this love forever more

Sweet smile of yours makes me feel
Like I am loved with all of your heart
Giving the best love I can
I promised you it will be forever


Sharing this love, will keep us strong together
Forever more this love will grow, forevermore..

My love for you forever more..

Layari lamanweb : Dayana Amerda

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